Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Rhythm

13 Nov 2008

He wakes up spitting mad, hungry as hell and contorted with colic
He latches onto my breast hungrily and pants pants pants while he feeds
Then after about 10 minutes he falls asleep
I let him sleep in my arms - this first little sleep usually only lasts 2 minutes
Then he wakes and proceeds to stre-e-e-tch
He looks like buzz lightyear when he stretches - his one arm aimed heavenward, the other straight down
Then he feeds calmly for a while
Then a giant fart-poo ensues
Accompanied by angry contortions
And sporting his poo face – brows furrowed, eyes slightly cross-eyed and little lips pursed
Then we move to the nappy changing area
And spend a few minutes lifting and stretching his legs or stroking his tummy till the rest of the poo comes out!
Sometimes we sing and play to distract him, which usually helps with the poo
Finally, with a clean nappy and smelling sweet again, we play on the bed for about 30 minutes
Mostly we sing together, but sometimes I leave him to stare out the window or at the leaf pattern on our bedframe
Finally we go back to the final round of breast feeding
This time he is calm and feeds methodically, yet leisurely
He falls asleep and I hold him for a few minutes (enjoying his supine body!)
And then gently wake him before he goes too far into sleep, and lay him in his pram
He looks bewildered and angry for a moment
I park the pram looking onto the golden curtains in the lounge
His face melts into calm
And he goes to sleep

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