Sunday, November 9, 2008

Who does Tim look like?

Tim has his father’s long strong toes, powerful hands and thunderous brow
You can see parts of me in his little face
Dark Chinesey eyes
A commanding nose (which comes from my mom’s Angolan family)
Plump lips
While his jaw is delicate and pointy

When you put his little face together
He looks a bit like my brother Andre
Except for that Joker’s grin
Which is pure Doherty
Does this mean he’s got the Doherty sense of humor?
We’re also hoping he gets the great Doherty cheekbones

Zooming out, he has sallow skin
And dark hair
Even on his little ears
So Portuguese
Bless the young Wolverine!


Christo said...

i think little babies take on the looks and features of different members of their extended family like a slide show of genetic inheritance; or perhaps we project these resemblances onto their plastic features, as we try to make sense of who they are, who they are becoming?

tam said...

I once read somewhere that in the first 6 weeks or so they tend to look more like their dads... nature's way of getting the fathers to fall in love and bond. Or maybe that's one of my mom's myths.