Monday, October 20, 2008

Big brother

20 Oct 2008

Matt has dashed up from Grahamstown for 3 days
He's taken to Tim with an easy grace
His lanky body all soft elbows and generous hands cradling Tim comfortably
I’m amazed how gentle he is
And he’s also courageous – bathing, burping, feeding, cuddling like a young pro

Ironically Matt's just discovered George Orwell
Animal Farm really blew him away
Yesterday he bought a copy of the iconic ‘1984’ by Orwell at Exclusive Books in Bedford
Big Brother is watching

Lucky for Tim Matt is a good big brother
He worked out yesterday he’ll be 25 when Tim is 10.

1 comment:

tam said...

Aah, sweet, I can just picture long lanky Matt being all soft and soothing. Lucky Tim to have a big boet like that, he's going to value it one day I reckin.