Friday, October 3, 2008


3 Oct 2008

Breastfeeding is not for sissies
We have beautiful breastfeeding moments
Little jaw relaxed and rhythmical, little tongue lapping
And we have horrible breastfeeding moments
When desperate little mouths thrash in frustration
Especially in the early days
And when breastfeeding turns dark you’ll do anything to make it better
That’s how I ended up with one giant breast and one little breast

In the beginning when latching was a hit and miss affair
We found it easier going on the left side
So instead of alternating, like the experts say, we kept gravitating back to the left
The result was 10 days later I sported a watermelon on one side and an orange on the other

A happy-latching and disciplined alternating week later
And I’m relieved to report I'm back to two mangos
(though one mango is still a bit bigger)

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