Friday, October 10, 2008

The games we play

9 Oct 2008

Tim and I play 3 games so far – Whoosh, Goldfish & Sneeze


This game is inspired by one of my favorite funfair rides – the boat, which swishes round a dizzying 180 degrees. You feel like you’re falling, but it’s all so gentle, like someone is holding you.

The ride must have come to mind because of the experience of putting Tim down in his cot – you got to handle the drop in altitude with gentleness, or Tim feels the rush of cold air and startles, thinking he will fall. But if you do it gentle, he gives into the fall.

In the Whoosh! game I cradle him in my arms and gently dip his body back and down and say Whoo-oo-oo-oo-sh! as we dive. I think it helps him relax about diving through air.

Tim really likes the game. He locks eyes with me and urges me on to the next Whoosh!


This is a simple game of pursing lips and popping them gently like a goldfish. I figure Tim can relate to the sound and motion of the goldfish because he knows all about sucking sounds and cupid lips.

Tim is intrigued by this game. He watches closely and I almost get the feeling he’s trying to play back and imitate me, but still lacks the control.

Christo plays a similar game with Tim, but his fish is much bigger.


Sneeze is an opportunistic game – every time Tim sneezes, usually about 3 sneezes in a row, I go ‘Yowweee’ or ‘yoh’ or some such, celebrating sneezes like fireworks.

He hasn’t shown any response to this game yet, but I'm hoping the long-term effects will be a happy and easy love of sex.

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