Monday, October 27, 2008

Tim's Nature

26 Oct 2008

Tim is an old soul
A thoughtful baby with a heavy-duty philosophers frown
(Which I’ve learnt means ‘Do Not Disturb’)

He loves the light
And will gyrate his body inside out to gaze enrapt
He loves being outdoors
Surrounded by the dappled light of trees and the gurgling fountain
He raises his eyes skyward, hungry like a baby eagle

He’s a quiet guy
Doesn’t cry much, uses his voice sparingly
Prefers to warn with a short sharp snort
(Usually when I try massage his little feet while he’s wearing his Do Not Disturb sign!)

He is much more animated in his dreamlife
Where he regularly smiles, whimpers and sucks imaginary breasts
What is he experiencing?
A few nights ago Christo was doing the nightshift
When Tim started laughing in his sleep
A deep belly laugh that rocked his little body over and over again

I can’t wait for his laugh to spill into his waking life


Christo said...

Yes, that belly laugh of Tim's was amazing. His little body literally shook with guffaws. At first I was a bit alarmed but then I realised that it was laughter and I relaxed. It's astonishing how many of his expressions - such as smiles - seem to begin during sleep/dreaming. I also can't wait for waking laughter. : - )

Gareth Schweitzer said...

I am totally and completely amazed by this laugh...truly miraculous!

Rudolf Steiner says the child comes from the cosmos with is cosmic form (mainly head) and spends it's formative years adapting to earthly being ie. learning to use the body and limbs more.

I like to think it was a cosmic laugh of sorts! said...

Yes, it felt like he was 'channeling' the laugh, ha ha cosmic indeed :-)